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Quick & professional locksmith services for your office and business in Kirkland.

Secure your office, business, or any commercial property with the help of our knowledgeable commercial locksmith Kirkland WA.

Keeping a business safe and secure goes beyond lock replacements and repairs.

Building a relationship with a commercial locksmith Kirkland WA you trust is essential to enhance the security and safety of your business, office, retail shop, school, restaurant, hospital, or whatever the commercial space houses. A commercial locksmith will see to the protection of your building, property, employees, as well as all private and confidential information inside.

The Most Professional and Reliable Commercial Locksmith in Kirkland!


Roles of a Commercial Locksmith

Kirkland Locksmith 24 provides all of the necessary services of a locksmith, such as emergency lockouts, commercial locks installations/repairs, re-keying current locks, and also goes a step beyond to offer security, giving you peace of mind to do what you do best – Run the business.

Installing Master Key System

Allow access of specific areas on your commercial property to specific employees, and deny entrance to other areas by installing a master key system. Operate certain locks with a single key, and prevent a bulky collection of keys to carry around.

Establishing Key Control

Make sure that the keys in  your office that say, “Do Not Duplicate” are really not able to be duplicated. These keys that you don’t want copied are usually keys that open safes, cabinets, or office doors that contain confidential or financial information. A commercial locksmith will change the lock tumblers and make it secure with a restricted keyway range that is registered customized, unique, and traceable back to the locksmith, rendering it impossible for anyone, even other locksmiths, to have key blanks or to make copies of the key.

Evaluation and Fixing of Security Systems

Keep your business safe. Ask a commercial locksmith to evaluate your business’s safety needs and make recommendations for advanced security systems as needed. The commercial locksmiths at Kirkland Locksmith in Kirkland, WA come to you and recommend whether or not advanced security measures are necessary. These professionals can also install security camera systems Closed Circuit TV, video surveillance, or even biometric locks, depending on the security needs of your business, office, and commercial property.

Installation of Safety Devices

Guarantee the utmost security of highly confidential documents and money. Our team of professionals comes to you to install high-profile safes for the safekeeping of valuables on-site.

Here are some more Commercial Locksmith Kirkland WA services we offer:

When you need a commercial locksmith you can trust with the security of your business or commercial property, contact Kirkland Locksmith 24 today! Make your business secure in the Kirkland, WA area.

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