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Your first line of defense for safety and security is your keys and locks. If someone has access to a key that opens your door, your safety is at risk. If this key is in the hands of a stranger, a disgruntled employee, or a friend or spouse you have had a falling out with and no longer trust, you need to rekey your locks.

Do you know for sure who has access to your duplicate keys?

The easiest way to enter our home, car, or commercial property is to use a key that fits the locks. When you move into a new home or office that has previously been occupied or have a divorce or roommate falling out, you just can’t be too sure you can trust that these duplicate keys are in the hands of people you trust.

It is very important to feel safe and secure at home and work.

The most important component in your home or business when it comes to safety, is your keys and locks. Just about anyone with a key to your home or facility can easily enter. If you’re uncertain as to who might have these keys, you need to have your locks re-keyed. Kirkland Locksmith 24 offers the re-keying service you need.

Professional Rekeying Locks Service

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It’s time for a locks rekey

It’s just the most sensible thing you can do to ensure your safety and the security of your valuables. It is the most cost-effective alternative to buying new locks. If your lock hardware is still in good shape, you won’t need to buy a brand-new set of locks. Locks re-keying is easy and fast when done by our expert re-key locks technicians, anytime day or night.

We make it our priority to be your number one service provider for all of your lock needs in the Kirkland area. Whether you need your locks re-keyed to your homes, office, or commercial property, we offer fully licensed locks re-key technicians who are able and ready to deliver industry leading locksmith services for your re-keying needs.


Our full range of services provides you with the confidence that your locks will be secure and that you are the only one with a key.  We quickly deliver whatever you need for your business or home security. We offer competitive and affordable pricing because the last thing you need when your safety and security are threatened is to be worried about the expense.


For Quick And Professional Kirkland Locks Rekey Service – Call Kirkland Locksmith 24 today to take the first and most important step in keeping yourself safe by getting your locks re-keyed on your home or business.

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